I Almost Switched (To BeatStars)

I remember posting my first beats as soundclick instrumentals when I first toyed with the idea of selling beats online and having instrumentals for sale. When I first started FullRangeBeats a few years ago, I selected Airbit as my beat player and distribution host. They seemed to be the best fit for what I was doing at the time. There were many good reasons for joining Airbit, 1 of the main reasons was their beat players fit seamlessly into the Bandzoogle platform, whom I use to host and as my website platform. 

As time went on I noticed the increase in growth and awareness of Beatstars on social media, Youtube etc. I also noticed that many of the beatmakers I look up to, as far as success, use Beatstars as well. Names like Mantra Beats, KBeazy,  Nick Mira, Rob Blaze, Johnny Juliano, Austin Taylor, Jim Boonie and others are under the Beatstars umbrella and definitely assisted in the temptation to jump ship. Beatstars seems to be continually growing and providing a great platform for its beat makers and attracting the attention of potential beat buyers. 

For now I'm staying firm with Airbit and counting on myself to make world aware of FullRangeBeats.com, and not depending on the Beatstars or Airbit to make my existence, my beats known to the musical world. Websites like 20dollarbeats and Trap Team Beats do quite well with making their names and brands well known and RJ Full Range/ FullRangeBeats plans to do the same!