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Non-Exclusive Lease

* Record 1 song to leased beat

* Up to 2000 units distributed (before another lease is needed)

*1 Year lease

*Beat can still be sold exclusively or leased to others

*Production credit must be given (Prod. by RJ Full Range)

Unlimited Lease

*Unlimited downloads & streams

*Trackout included

* Music Video OK

*Broadcasting Rights

*Radio play OK

* Beat can still be leased or sold exclusively

*Production credit must be given

Exclusive Purchase

*Unlimited Recordings

*Cannot be resold or re-leased

*Up to  $1M in sales

*Mp3, Wav, and/ or trackout

*Composition (composer) credit must be given

*Production credit must be given (Prod. by RJ Full Range)

"3 Kings" Featuring Yella Beezy Produced by RJ Full Range (Full Range Beats)

Musical Credits:

Yella Beezy

Marcus Black (Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood)

Compton AV

Nicky D's

Silkk The Shocker

TriStar Pictures



Fox / Searchlight

DeathRow Records

many more...

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Welcome to Full Range Beats 

Being an artist isn’t easy. You have to write the songs, promote your songs, follow up with clients and producers, comment on Instagram posts, and to top it all off, you have to come up with your own beats. But what if there was an easier way? What if there a place online to get some cool beats to put your lyrics too? A place that would not only sell you a hot instrumental beat, but also offer you exclusive rights to it. Well look no further, Full Range Beats is the place for you! 

Full Range Beats was started as a way to help up and coming music artists by offering song instrumentals in fast and convenient way. Available 24/7 Full Range Beats can be purchase online, anytime, anywhere. Order from your home studio computer or on the fly with your cell phone. Full Range Beats seeks to make the beats buying process as fast and easy as possible. 

Pop Beats For Sale 

Are you looking to break into the pop scene? At Full Range Beats we offer hundreds of beats to choose from. Our original pop beats match those of international sensations such as Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Post Malone and many others. We also offer a full range of EDM beats in the style of The Chain Smokers, San Solo, Sia, and many others. Got something specific in mind? Ask about our Full Range Pop Production Package. We can create 100% original content for you that is perfect for your style. Email us at on our contact page for a direct quote. 

Rap and Hip Hop Instrumentals 

Do you have any  set of lyrics, but just can’t find sick rap beats or the right type beat? Trust us, we know the feeling. At Full Range beats we’ve been creating song instrumentals & beats for rappers and R&B singers for over 20 years. We’ve worked with artists from all over the world and across all music styles. We’ve seen firsthand how the right beat, put to the right lyrics, can become a breakout hit. 

So if you’re looking for a really fresh sound, take advantage of Full Range Beats. This is so much better than searching for soundclick instrumentals and our site is so much easier to use!

About our Exclusive Beats Package 

At Full Range Beats, we offer both leasing and Exclusive options. With leasing, you're essentially borrowing the beat off of us for a small $25 fee. This is a perfect solution for the artist who needs to put together a quick song show, performance, radio appearance, mixtape or anything promotional. Exclusive Beats, on the other hand, cost $400 and you get to completely own them. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Full Range Beats repackage, or attempt to resell your exclusive beats

Exclusive Beats are perfect for the artist who’s looking to create an album, fulfill a recording contract, or store streaming online. With over years 15 in the industry, we’ve helped take tons of artists to the next level. Marcus Black and others have benefited from our musical skills , knowledge and experience. 

 People often ask us about "Type Beats"

For those who don't understand what a "type beat" is... for example many people go on Youtube and search for a Post Malone type beat or a Drake type beat or Metro Boomin type beat. It's a way artists associate other artists sounds with a particular style or feel (type) of beat/ instrumental. Sometimes even get hit up about other popular producers on sites like Beatstars and Airbit... beatmakers like Nick Mira, Austin Taylor, Jim Boonie, Johnny Juliano, Dreamlife Beats, KBeazy, Trap Team Beats and Cashmoney AP are very popular and many artists search for them and those type beats. Type beats also come in the form of -- West Coast Instrumentals, Dirty South instrumentals, etc. 

Thank you for your support! We look forward to helping you in your quest for success! is the premiere site for hot beats & instrumentals for sale and lease! If you're looking for the hottest beats at great prices with no bs this is where you want to be!

Here at Full Range Beats we keep the beat buying and leasing simple. You can lease or get the exclusive rights to your beat with no tricks or gimmicks.  Each process is simple and painless. You can get more info HERE.

Head producer RJ Full Range has over 15 years experience in and around the music industry. He’s had music on radio, TV, and film and has been featured and has worked with brands like Fox Searchlight, VH1, MTV and Death Row Records. He has also produced records with platinum artists like Silkk The Shocker (of No Limit Records). RJ Full Range has also done records with artists on the rise such as Compton AV, Marcus Black (Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood), Nicky D's, Stevie Crooks, and Famous Uno. RJ has a background in pop music, R&B, and rap (including hip-hop & trap). He is also a studio owner and recording engineer so he understands music from various aspects. RJ Full Range has experienced pretty much all of the different waves of music and their trends. There is so much experience that goes into the production when you get music, instrumentals/ beats from Full Range Beats.  You're getting a producer who is also a studio engineer so you know the beats will be high quality. The instrumentals you get from Full Range Beats industry quality. These are not beats produced in a garage with some one who just started playing with FL Studio. RJ Full Range knows music... knows instrumentation and the technical side of it.  

Before starting Full Range Beats, RJ was producing song instrumentals and songs mainly for TV & Film. Making the most out of industry connections RJ Full Range was able to land beats and songs on many cable network shows and even a few movies (ex. One For The Money, Baggage Claim etc.). He (RJ) had played with the idea in his head about making exclusive beats for sale (rap beats for sale... pop beats for sale, etc) for quite awhile. Finally, in 2016 RJ launched There were certain things that RJ saw as a bigger benefit by having the “beat site”. Not that having the beats site would stop the TV/ film placements from happening. “I just wanna focus on producing music the way I wanna produce it and if someone in TV & film wants something I have, cool. I don't want to chase though.” - RJ Full Range   

When searching for instrumentals for sale online you want to remember these things: 

  1. Quality- all of our beats come with an industry level of quality. For RJ Full Range, this type of quality is just standard. You won't hear beats just thrown together, bad and conflicting bass frequencies, terribly muddy sounding beats etc. We at FullRangeBeats understand frequency, compression, panning, bit rate, and other technical things that go into making music sound good to the ear sonically. We have real professional rap beats for sale, as well as other genres. 
  2. Relevance- We make sure our beats are up-to-date. We know what music is “poppin” or popular and working out there. We have the Drake type beats, the hot trap beats for sale, Post Malone and Migos type trap beats. Beats that feel like a Metro Boomin type beat. You can also get Taylor Swift, Halsey, Nick Jonas, The Weeknd, etc, type pop beats for sale here. We even have the J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar type hip hop beats for sale! 
  3. Catchiness- Our beats have a great feel to them. Many of our trap beats, pop beats for sale and R&B beats for sale have great melodies, great sounds that are attractive by themselves... and only needing you to add your flavor to it to make potential hits! If you buy trap beats here, pop or R&B beats here, you'd definitely be doing your music career some justice! 
  4. Genres- If you're gonna sick rap beats online, you don't wanna have to go to 1 website for trap beats, another site for hip-hop, another for west coast instrumentals and yet another for a different feel or sub-genre. Here at Full Range Beats we have all different types of beats, whether it be hard or soft, slow or fast, trap or hip-hop. We also have different feels of pop – they could be EDM type instrumentals or more R&B type pop beats. You should definitely consider that you buy pop beats here, or at least give us 1st consideration. 

When you’re looking for a hot instrumental beat to pair with your own original talent, you can count on Full Range Beats getting the job done. Whether your looking for Drake type beats, trap beats, pop beats, rap beats, hip-hop beats for sale or R&B beats for sale, RJ Full Range and Full Range Beats has what you’re looking for. When you want to get awesome instrumentals for sale make sure this is the first place you go. These beats are high quality, very professional and have a commercial/ top 40 feel. You may hear something that sounds like a Metro Boomin beats for sale (type beat) or even something that sounds like it was produced by DJ Mustard. If you’re looking for appealing beats, good instrumental beats for your songs you should be shopping with us. So much experience and top notch quality goes into the production and Full Range Beats, there’s no need to shop anywhere else. We have the best beats for lease at the best prices!    

When you want to buy pop beats, check with a producer who does his research. RJ Full Range checks Billboard and what's trending just to make sure he's on point with the sound of today.    

When it comes to our hip-hop beats sale, make sure you deal with a producer who knows hip-hop like RJ Full Range. From Sugar Hill Gang to J. Cole, we know hip hop.  Make sure you check out our Hip-Hop beats for sale here at    

You're looking for trap beats for sale or trap team beats? You definitely want to check in with FRB first! We have a nice selection of trap beats. Whether it's the Migos feel, Drake type beats, a Post Malone type beat, Future, Lil Pump or that San Holo/ Chainsmokers EDM type feel, we have it!    

Do we have the best instrumentals for sale?.. 20dollarbeats ?.. maybe, maybe not. But do we have the best beats available for these prices?.. absolutely! Our rap beats lease prices are the best you'll find, considering the appeal, quality and price. There's no need to buy trap beats anywhere else. We also want to hear from you! If you don't quite hear that hot instrumental beat you're looking for specifically, let us know on our contact page!    

We also have some of the hottest R&B beats for sale. From the Chris Brown feel, to The Weeknd type & much more!    

What ever you need, check here at Full Range Beats... when you're ready to buy sick rap beats online or the hottest pop beats for lease, this is the place!

instrumentals for sale

Remember that time you were listening to the radio and a certain hip-hop track came on and you found yourself shaking your head involuntarily? If you are like anybody else, the first thing that made you love the track was its beats and instrumentals. 

Instrumentals and beats are a major component of music. Without them, the music will be boring. To make music that gets attention, you need to not just choose any trap beats for sale or instrumentals for sale you come across. 

Not all instrumentals for sale or trap beats for sale are made equal. Some are made with the end user (you) in the mind of the creator. These are the trap beats for sale you should choose. 

At Full Range Beats, our major focus is not to make money using our instrumentals for sale and trap beats for sale. We want to make you a star first. We know the money will come later. If you feel like your music has been going south, change its time you started using our instrumentals for sale and trap beats for sale.

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