Welcome to the Beat Page. This is where the magic happens. On this page you can find all the hottest instrumentals for sale and lease. RJ Full Range has compiled all of these different styles, genres, feels and type beats for you leasing and exclusive purchase.

You can find everything from Metro Boomin type beats, Drake type beats, DJ Mustard type beats, and MikeWillMadeIt type beats to Chainsmokers, San Holo, and Calvin Harris type beats.

We have trap beats for sale, hip-hop beats for sale, R&B beats for sale, pop beats for sale... even Afrobeats for sale here.

RJ Full Range, the head producer at FullRangeBeats.com is very diverse in his skill and didn't want to contain himself when presenting you with instrumentals for sale. He's worked with singers and rappers so he didn't want to just present you with dope rap beats for sale... He wanted to also supply the singers with great pop tunes and R&B instrumentals.

..and I don't know what you might be listening to these beats on, but the quality of beats is record industry level! These arent your average soundclick instrumentals! As a matter of fact, RJ Full Range has music on radio, on TV, in film and, of course, online. He has relationships with some of the great "ears" of the industry so he has been tested and approved in his skill and talent. People and companies have spent thousands for the RJ Full Range sound and he's offering it to you for a small fraction of that. Take advantage! Get good instrumentals beats... GREAT instrumental beats here at FullRangeBeats.com.

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If you have questions or concerns before buying make sure to visit the contact page. We are great at getting back to people in a fair amount of time. We don't want to hold up your progress!

If you have questions about lease and exclusive beats, you may want to check out the licensing info page.

Whatever you're looking for in the way of beats and instrumentals, we are confident we have what you need. Take the time to go through the beats thoroughly and find that diamond you need on your project!

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side note- while we have great, professional rap beats for sale, we also have FREE BEATS. If you look through the beat player you'll notice that some beats have a free beats download feature. You should see a green box to the left of the beat indication that it's a free download.