About Full Range Beats & RJ Full Range



Making good instrumental beats takes experience. RJ Full Range, the mastermind behind Full Range Beats, has worked with some of the top and most talented Hollywood music engineers. On top of this, our founder was a part of a rap group for years. This can only tell you that Full Range Beats has the experience and knowledge needed to produce any hot instrumental beat and records. 

Top and skilled artists like Nicky D’s, Silkk The Shocker, Marcus Black, and companies like Tri- Star Films & Death Row Records have helped Full Range Beats grow to the business it is today. It is the help of these top talents paired with our passion for making good instrumental beats and high-quality music that has brought us this far. 

Since RJ Full Range started Full Range Beats, we have managed to make hot instrumental beats and produce music that you have probably already listened to. Our Music has already been featured in not only TV shows but also in Movies. What we want to do is extend our talent and the passion we have for music and making good instrumental beats to you. This is why we already have instrumentals for sale that you can acquire today. 

Our Musical Mission 

Our team has been part of different realms in the music industry for the last 15 years. We have participated in the production and engineering of music. Therefore, we do understand what it takes to create a hot instrumental beat. 

Our major aim is to ensure that you have the perfect combination of both tones and rhythm. After all, we already know that tones and rhythm are the most important components of any music. Every hot instrumental beat we make will have a perfect combination of rhythm and tone. To get good instrumental beats that align with your talent from Full Range Beats, you can use our exclusive beat sale offer. 

For us, it is not just about making great beats/ instrumentals for sale and then using an exclusive beat sale to sell them. What we want to do is follow a passion and also share this passion with other people who are equally passionate. This is why we focus on providing our clients with high-quality, original, and incredible instrumental beats that you won’t be able to locate anywhere else. 

Expanding your talent can be hard when you don’t know anyone who can help. However, at Full Range Beats, we are willing to offer you all the help you need. We are the people who will help you grow in your career as an artist. For us to be able to help, you have to give us an opportunity to work with you. If you are looking for instrumentals for sale, the best place to shop for these is at Full Range Beats. Also, be sure to contact us if there are questions or concerns about shopping or working with us. 

We have all the popular genres. It does not matter which hot instrumental beat you want to lease. We have trap beats for sale, R&B beats, hip-hop beats for sale, EDM beats, pop beats for sale and more. We even infuse bits from other genres to produce beats that “cross-over”. We are the best company you can use to lease hot beats! 

To us, it does not matter what you would like to do with the hot instrumental beat you get from our exclusive beat sale. You can use the beats to create your own remix, share your mix online, or do anything you enjoy. We want to see you succeed and flourish. At Full Range Beats, your success is what fulfills our purpose. We encourage you to use our instrumentals for sale.

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