Non-Exclusive Lease


* Record 1 song to leased beat

* Up to 2000 units distributed (before another lease is needed)

*1 Year lease

*Beat can still be sold exclusively or leased to others

*Production credit must be given (Prod. by RJ Full Range)

Unlimited Lease


*Unlimited downloads & streams

*Trackout included

* Music Video OK

*Broadcasting Rights

*Radio play OK

* Beat can still be leased or sold exclusively

*Production credit must be given

Exclusive Purchase


*Unlimited Recordings

*Cannot be resold or re-leased

*Up to  $1M in sales

*Mp3, Wav, and/ or trackout

*Composition (composer) credit must be given

*Production credit must be given (Prod. by RJ Full Range)

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"3 Kings" Featuring Yella Beezy Produced by RJ Full Range (Full Range Beats)

Musical Credits:

Yella Beezy

Marcus Black (Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood)



Compton AV

Nicky D's

Silkk The Shocker

TriStar Pictures

Fox / Searchlight

DeathRow Records

many more...