Beat/ Instrumental Lease and Exclusives

Lease And Exlcusive (Agreements)

Here at Full Range Beats we offer instrumentals/ beats for lease as well exclusive beats for sale. Sometimes people don't understand the difference between the 2. There's a light explanation on the Home Page. We wanted to be totally transparent so we've included the agreements for the lease and for the exclusive. When you buy rap beats online, or whatever kind/ genre of beat.. When you're searching out instrumentals for sale it's wise to know if you want to lease or get the beat exclusive.

What we tell people in general is, if your just doing a mixtape, not looking to make any money off of the song, then lease is probably best option. If you're working on an album or single that you want to monetize (make money from), and/ or plan to shoot a video, etc, then it's best to get the exclusive rights to the beat. This means no one from that point on can "use" the beat, as with a lease. Unlimited Lease is also a great option (read more below).

A lease is more or less borrowing the beat, while Exclusive is more or less buying/ owning the beat.

Hopefully this gives some type of explanation and helps a bit when deciding whether to lease or buy your beat. If you have more questions feel free to contact us.

Hopefully you lease your next hot instrumentals here with us. We're confident we have some of the best instrumental beats available and some of the highest quality!

Newly Added-- Unlimited Leases!

Due to popular demand we've decided to add Unlimited leasing to our beat program. Unlimited leases  gives people the best of both worlds. It basically gives you all the rights of the exclusive deal with the exception of exclusivity. This is the only downside. It means that at any point someone could come along and still lease or buy the exclusive rights to the beat. Here's a little more detail on it:

  •  You get the mp3, wav and trackout
  • Unlimited digital distribution
  • 400 paid performances with it
  • Unlimited music videos
  • Unlimited audio streams
  • Unlimited video streams
  • Unlimited radio plays
  • Broadcasting rights

Pretty much everything but complete ownership and exclusivity. It's a great situation for most scenarios when making moves with your music.  Our instrumentals for sale have great quality and great usage opportunity! Look and listen below or on our beats page to find the hot instrumental beat you've been looking for!

Exclusive Agreement

This agreement, is made this _______, and entered into by and between Robbin Johnson  ("Licensor") and  John Doe  ("Licensee"). This agreement grants the Licensee an exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license (the “License”) to the instrumental sound recording and musical composition titled "Beat" (the "Instrumental").  

With respect to the Instrumental, this License shall grant the Licensee the exclusive rights to; record, edit, alter, mix, adapt, rearrange, synchronize, perform, exhibit, broadcast and otherwise use Instrumental, at Licensee’s discretion. This License shall further grant the Licensee the right to register the copyright to any derivative work created by Licensee which incorporates Instrumental in whole or in part, subject to the express condition that any such registration shall be required to credit Licensor as the author and claimant of Instrumental. 

Notwithstanding the above provision, Licensee acknowledges and agrees that Licensor shall remain the original composer, author and the sole owner of the copyright to the sound recording and musical composition to Instrumental. Licensee further acknowledges that Licensor shall have the sole right to register the copyright or to otherwise protect any intellectual property associated with Instrumental. 

In the event Licensee requires ownership of the copyright to the sound recording and/or musical composition to Instrumental, Licensee may submit an electronic request to obtain such rights by contacting: 

Licensee agrees to not sell, license, sub-license, loan, rent, lease, assign, convey or transfer any rights to the License, in whole or in part, to any third party without the prior written consent of Licensor. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the restriction of Licensee’s unauthorized transfer of the License to a third party is an express condition to the grant of this License and furthermore, is a material term of the License. Licensee therefore acknowledges and agrees that Licensee’s unauthorized breach of this provision may result in the revocation of the License. Licensee acknowledges that such restriction shall apply to record labels as well. 

Licensee agrees to afford Licensor with appropriate credits on all commercial recordings and all physical and digital media which contains the Instrumental, or any portion thereof. Such media uses shall include, but not be limited to; CD's, CD covers, Cassette tapes, Cards, Mixtapes, Websites, Metadata, etc. 

Credit to Licensor shall be in the following manner: “Produced (or co-Produced) by RJ Full Range”. 

If Instrumental includes samples, the Licensee understands that the sequence and music arrangement of such sample is considered the original work of authorship of a third party. Licensee represents and warrants that Licensee shall obtain the proper clearance for any such samples included in Instrumental prior to any commercial use by Licensee of Instrumental. Licensee hereby waivers, releases, indemnifies and agrees to hold Licensor harmless from any claims, demands, actions or other proceedings which arise from Licensee’s failure to obtain proper clearance for any sample included in Instrumental. 

Licensee agrees to provide Licensor with at least one (1) copy of each final recording that Licensee creates utilizing any portion of Instrumental. 

Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the terms of this License do not create an employment, independent contractor, agency or other relationship between the parties besides that of the status of licensor and licensee. Furthermore, it is expressly understood that the terms of this agreement shall not be construed as creating a “work-for-hire” relationship or an assignment of Licensor’s rights to Instrumental. 

By accepting to download the Instrumental, you hereby agree to be bound by and to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth in this License.  

Lease Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into on the %MFS_ORDER_DATE% serves as a legally binding contract between Robbin Johnson ("Licensor") and %MFS_CLIENT_NAME% ("Licensee"). This agreement grants the Licensee non-exclusive rights to the instrumental named "%MFS_BEAT_NAME%" ("Instrumental"). 

Master Recording 

The Licensor hereby grants the Licensee the right to record vocal and/or instrumental synchronization to any or all parts of the Instrumental. The Licensee understands that their non-exclusive usage of the Instrumental is limited to one new composition and if the Licensee wishes to use the Instrumental in other new compositions, then the Licensee must obtain another license to use the Instrumental from the Licensor. The Licensee also agrees to refrain from editing the Instrumental that is being licensed in this agreement, by changing the arrangement of the Instrumental or by removing any melodies, instruments, drum programming or sounds that are contained within the Instrumental. 

Profitable Distribution 

The Licensee is limited to distributing one (1) version of the Master Recording for profitable use. The Licensee is limited to a distribution of two thousand (2000) copies of the Master Recording, which can be distributed on any kind of recording media including, but not limited to: compact discs, DVDs, VHS videos, and all other forms of media. With one year from date leased beat was purchased to distribute until having to renew lease agreement. 


The Licensor maintains 100% full rights (copyright and ownership) of the instrumental, and can continue to sell it non-exclusively and/or exclusively. The Licensee has neither the right nor authority to sell or license the rights to the Instrumental whether in whole or part to any other party. In the event another individual purchases exclusive rights to your licensed Instrumental you will retain your non-exclusive rights under the limitations listed in this agreement and until these terms have been fulfilled. 


The Licensee must give production credit to the Licensor for any and all distributed material. This can be done verbally (through recorded vocals on the Master Recording) or written in or on the CD booklet or outside cover. The Licensor reserves the right to keep an audio signature at the beginning of all non-exclusive instrumentals. 

By receiving this contract via email, you automatically agree to the terms stated above and gain non-exclusive rights to the Instrumental.