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Compared To Metro Boomin 

The other day 1 of my clients said "You got them Metro Boomin beats for sale". I playfully responded "I got them Full Range beats for sale!". I really took no offense to that. Being compared to Metro Boomin is a great and humbling compliment. I know Metro Boomin for his trap beats-- heavy 808 bass, bouncing drums, with enticing synth melodies etc. 

While I aspire to be that hot with trap beats, I also aspire to be as hot with pop, EDM and R&B music. I want to be the guy they all come to for that hot…

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You Are Never Done Learning 

I was recently on instagram and I came across one of my favorite producers, Timbaland. He had posted something about always learning. I don't know why it struck my so heavily, well, yes, actually I do. This is a guy with HUGE success in music, a pioneer in his field. He's rich, famous and successful. Now, here he is humbling himself and saying that he can still learn. 

I had been reading self help and growth books and books on success etc. and they often mention that you should always be seeking to learn…

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Tips for buying soundclick instrumentals 

The music industry is one that is always evolving; from the days when you had to spend months recording one single because your sound engineers are sampling sound and all to now when you can pick any beat of your choice. The music industry is getting more interesting as more business owners get involved in the sales of beats.  
On the internet today, you would find pop beats for sale, trap beats for sale, R&B beats for sale or just about any other type of beat you want. You can easily buy and download these…

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The Trend of Type Beats Instrumentals 

The production and selling of ready-to-use instrumentals for rappers and singers are now common. Type Beats instrumentals or Type Beats is the usual trend leveraging an amazing collaboration of music producers and singers from different countries of the world. Producing your own album has never been so stress-free. The number of tracks released with readily made Type Beats instrumentals on top of the charts have increased profusely. 

What is the meaning of Type Beat? 

Type Beats are tailored instrumentals…

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Do Artists Care About Quality Production Anymore? 

What makes a song a chartbuster? The vocalist, the lyrics, and of course, the music- all combine to bring out the essence making the song a hit. However, we always recognize a song even today by the music itself and that just says a lot about the artists’ attention to detail. How do we recognize a ‘They don’t really care about us?’ even today after so many years? Simply by its thumping beat! How do we know a Pink Floyd even today?- just by listening to their music! 

This is the impact and the depth to…

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The Zone Of Quality and Exclusive Rap Beats and Instrumentals  

The Zone Of Quality and Exclusive Rap Beats and Instrumentals 

When it comes to music, you need more than just sounds, few rhymes, and good vocals. Great music and songs comprise of quality beats and instrumentals and an excellent vocal to go along with it. For music to be great, the combination must be complete. However, getting the best of these components might be a problem for a lot of musicians as low-quality instrumentals and beats are everywhere. It is not advisable to spend a dime on these if you…

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The Emergence Of Rapper Juice Wrld / Juice Wrld "type beats" 

If you have not yet listened to Juice WRLD’s music, then it is a high time you get acquainted with this merging young talent. Jarad Higgins, popularly known by his stage name Juice Wrld, is an American rapper born on December 2, 1998. He began developing his career as an artist while he was in high school. Juice’s first track “Forever” was released on SoundCloud in 2015 while he was using the name JuicetheKidd. Most of his songs were recorded on a cell phone and then uploaded to SoundCloud. 


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Thee Place To Get Instrumentals Online 

Unless you have great beats, you won’t have great music. While the lyrics could be awesome, people still need beats which can make them bob their heads as they enjoy the lyrics. Instrumentals for sale are everywhere. But, you have to consider the quality before you invest in any exclusive beats for sale. Creating high-quality instrumentals for sale takes both experience and passion. There are very few companies with exclusive beats for sale that have these two qualities. However, at Full Range Beats, we do…

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Classic Artists Worth Exploring For Sampling 

If you’re working on putting together some new sounds and you want to do something you haven’t tried before, sampling is always worth considering. While you can always find hot instrumentals elsewhere or create them on your own, nothing quite affects a beat or a new track like a recognizable bit of music from a known artist.  

And really, sampling known music isn’t so different from a lot of other options you have online today, provided there aren’t problems with the rights, etc. You can find rap beats for

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RJ Full Range in AboveAverageHiphop.com 

There was recently an article about RJ Full Range and FullRangeBeats.com. In the article it just talks a bit about RJ's vast experience and talent in this industry. It talks a little about the instrumentals for sale at Full Range Beats. If you'd like to read the article click here.

RJ has some of the hottest rap and hip-hop beats for sale and it appears they think so too! But don't get it twisted he also has VERY hot pop beats for sale as well. If you're at FullRangeBeats.com you're in the right place!