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I Almost Switched (To BeatStars) 

I remember posting my first beats as soundclick instrumentals when I first toyed with the idea of selling beats online and having instrumentals for sale. When I first started FullRangeBeats a few years ago, I selected Airbit as my beat player and distribution host. They seemed to be the best fit for what I was doing at the time. There were many good reasons for joining Airbit, 1 of the main reasons was their beat players fit seamlessly into the Bandzoogle platform, whom I use to host and as my website…

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Where Do Artists Search For Cool Beats Online? 

This is one huge question on the minds of many people involved in the music business. An artist whose aim is to churn out good music will be very intentional about the type of beat that accompanies their music. While this is very important and the ease at which one can produce beats and sell in recent time has become super easy, compared to how it was done in the past, more artists are finding it easy to focus on the music without spending excessively and wasting a lot of time in their search for beats.   

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Between $20dollarbeats And $35 For 2 Beats, Which Is Reasonable 

When it comes to making rap music, sick rap beats play a vital role in how the music sounds and how it’ll the reception it’ll get. Thus, care should be taken when producing beats and instrumentals for your rap songs. 
But you might not have the skill and the time to invest into producing your beats, that’ll need you to get beats somewhere – from people who make them. 
You can decide to get beats for free or pay for them. They are almost similar only that free beats are not for commercial purpose and will…

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Do People Still Use Soundclick? 

It used to be that one of the best ways to find special beats for your next classic, rap or R&B album was Soundclick instrumentals. Everything from slow jams to club bangers would be at your disposal. There were limitless beats options, but always ensure to work with experienced producers and major artist credits to get high-quality beats. In fact, you don’t have to buy Soundclick instrumentals from the soundclick site. Actually, you have to communicate directly with the beat maker or producer. However…

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Rap Beats For Sale (Metro Boomin Type Beats) 

Get exclusive music and high quality sound for your next project. It doesn't make a difference on the off chance that you are working in new collection, EP, single or mixtape… It will improve your tunes remarkably and certainly and will ensure that looks professional. We truly think that we have one of the best places to buy Metro Boomin beats; indeed, over the long haul, acquiring rap beats and Metro Boomin will catch the eye of your fans. 

Leland Wayne, known as Metro Boomin, is a record producer from St…

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Compared To Metro Boomin 

The other day 1 of my clients said "You got them Metro Boomin beats for sale". I playfully responded "I got them Full Range beats for sale!". I really took no offense to that. Being compared to Metro Boomin is a great and humbling compliment. I know Metro Boomin for his trap beats-- heavy 808 bass, bouncing drums, with enticing synth melodies etc. 

While I aspire to be that hot with trap beats, I also aspire to be as hot with pop, EDM and R&B music. I want to be the guy they all come to for that hot…

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You Are Never Done Learning 

I was recently on instagram and I came across one of my favorite producers, Timbaland. He had posted something about always learning. I don't know why it struck my so heavily, well, yes, actually I do. This is a guy with HUGE success in music, a pioneer in his field. He's rich, famous and successful. Now, here he is humbling himself and saying that he can still learn. 

I had been reading self help and growth books and books on success etc. and they often mention that you should always be seeking to learn…

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Tips for buying soundclick instrumentals 

The music industry is one that is always evolving; from the days when you had to spend months recording one single because your sound engineers are sampling sound and all to now when you can pick any beat of your choice. The music industry is getting more interesting as more business owners get involved in the sales of beats.  
On the internet today, you would find pop beats for sale, trap beats for sale, R&B beats for sale or just about any other type of beat you want. You can easily buy and download these…

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The Trend of Type Beats Instrumentals 

The production and selling of ready-to-use instrumentals for rappers and singers are now common. Type Beats instrumentals or Type Beats is the usual trend leveraging an amazing collaboration of music producers and singers from different countries of the world. Producing your own album has never been so stress-free. The number of tracks released with readily made Type Beats instrumentals on top of the charts have increased profusely. 

What is the meaning of Type Beat? 

Type Beats are tailored instrumentals…

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Do Artists Care About Quality Production Anymore? 

What makes a song a chartbuster? The vocalist, the lyrics, and of course, the music- all combine to bring out the essence making the song a hit. However, we always recognize a song even today by the music itself and that just says a lot about the artists’ attention to detail. How do we recognize a ‘They don’t really care about us?’ even today after so many years? Simply by its thumping beat! How do we know a Pink Floyd even today?- just by listening to their music! 

This is the impact and the depth to…

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