Thanks for visiting the YouTube page here at

Thanks for visiting the YouTube page here at! They're visuals added to the beats that are posted here on the site. The YouTube page has much more videos than you see here. This is just a few of the ones you'll see when you go to the FullRangeBeats YouTube page. Most of these are selected at random. As you may or may not know YouTube is an extremely popular place to find, shop for, and listen to all types of beats. As a producer with rap beats for sale, hip-hop beats for sale, trap beats for sale, R&B beats for sale, etc, you'd almost have to be crazy to NOT have your beats on YouTube. Of course we'd rather you come directly to our beats page to shop for beats but wisdom demands to have social media bases covered. 

Here, you'll see some of the trap beats we have for sale, pop beats for sale, R&B beats, and Hip-Hop beats. Full Range Beats has some of the best instrumentals for sale online. This is where you want to come to lease hot beats! All the beats are professional and clean. 

As you may have been aware of, many artists shop by the “type beat” method of searching. It gives the artist an idea of the “type of beat”they have before them before even playing it. For instance, if you're an artist looking for melodic trap beats, you might search for “Drake type beats” or “Juice Wrld type beats”. Many of the videos here are categorized in this manner. Here you may see: 

  • Drake type beats 
  • Juice Wrld type beats 
  • Lil Uzi Vert type beats 
  • DJ Mustard type beats 
  • YG type beats 
  • Taylor Swift type beats 
  • Migos type beats 
  • Metro Boomin type beats 
  • Mozzy type beats 
  • Lil Pump type beats 
  • The Weeknd type beats 
  • DJ Khaled type beats 
  • Chris Brown Type Beats 

...the list goes on & on, but I think you get the idea 

When you need these hot instrumental beats.. these fire rap beats for sale, make sure you check with us first!  We have been known to have the hottest trap beats for sale! We're quickly becoming artists' favorite place to shop with instrumentals for sale. 

Take some time and watch some of our beat videos and grab some of these exclusive beats for sale or lease

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