There used to be a time where hip-hop was only hip-hop, R&B didn’t have trap beats under it, and pop songs didn’t have EDM sounds in them.  

As time went on and the rise of independent artists increased, so did the genre mixing. When record labels started to lose control of the artists’ creativity, the creativity increased. Artists weren’t assigned to staff producers anymore. The rise of independent music also gave way to producers/ beat makers who didn’t need a “name” to get their music on artists. When artists found they could buy pop beats online and get a hold of rap beats and instrumentals at the click of a mouse, the growth increased. So did the creativity. Since the music was in the streets (and online) so were the artists. Rappers and singers started to discover people who listened to rap also listened to pop. The listeners of rock also listened to R&B, and so on. Artists began to figure out that they could mix their music just the same. Rock bands began to rap, R&B artists added pop and trap elements to their music. Trap music has crossed from rap to EDM. Trap is heavily found in pop songs as well. Producers online who sell beats and instrumentals to these artists have mixed it up. When you search for a “Drake type beat”, which normally, you would assume is rap, you may get a pop beat instead. If you’re searching for hip-hop beats it may contain pieces of an R&B instrumental, or even rock.  

I believe this is a good thing. The fans love it and so it will most likely continue to grow in this manner.  

Let rock singers sing over pop beats!.. let pop singers sing over rap beats. Let R&B singers continue to use trap beats, etc. It’s all music. Who’s to say what is what? Music is music.