Leasing Beats Online


Over the past few years, “beat leasing” has proven to be an exceptional alternative to buying exclusive licenses, especially for the rap genre where the beat can be considered as the soul of the song itself. It could even be said that it might be more beneficial to purchase beats for lease instead. 

Rap beats leases are essentially agreements that allow the buyer to customize beats purchased at a one-off price and instance (depending on agreement). Exclusive licenses, however, give you sole ownership of the same product. So how are beat leases more beneficial? Well, the answer simply lies in the fact that rap beats leases are comparatively less expensive. The extra funds you use when you buy rap beats instead of leasing them might actually be enough for two more leases! This is all for almost the same quality. 

Leasing beats online, as with other things done over the virtual network, requires you to be aware of a few snares that might darken your experience. Below are a few things you should watch out for. 

Lease Duration 

One unsafe assumption is that the one-off price paid to lease a beat covers a usage span of the whole of eternity –just like when you buy rap beats. The problem is, some producers introduce a time limit on the leased product. This should set up a red flag – as it could mean the producer might be looking to pull a fast one on you. 

Usage Restrictions 

Other producers could demand that the products’ usage be restricted to some stated factors. If so, since violation of this call is a crime, you should make sure to know the freedom you have over modifying the leased rap beat before using it to make your music. 

Use of Uncleared Samples in Beats for Lease 

Before you decide to lease the rap beats you desire, sieve through the content to determine the amount of originality present. Why? This is because, some rap beats, for example, might contain a mixture of original tracks (samples) for which licenses have to be acquired before use. Worse, some library agreements could prevent the use of those samples in leased files. If any of such is present in any measure in the product, it is a violation of property laws. 

One way of avoiding this is by requesting for tracked out files. Tracked out files (multi-tracks) are the broken down instrumental files that make up the beat. Watch out for any famous piece or sound. Finding any would also mean trouble as most sound library agreements have no provision for sharing raw files of these samples. 

This problem is a common occurrence in rap beats leases, but simple vigilance when purchasing the product is sufficient to avoid complications. 


Needless to say, rappers, and indeed all artistes, possess a certain flow, a rhythm unique only to them, which is why it is important to confirm that the beats for lease agree with the tempo and the key that you might favour.

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