Where Do Artists Search For Cool Beats Online?

This is one huge question on the minds of many people involved in the music business. An artist whose aim is to churn out good music will be very intentional about the type of beat that accompanies their music. While this is very important and the ease at which one can produce beats and sell in recent time has become super easy, compared to how it was done in the past, more artists are finding it easy to focus on the music without spending excessively and wasting a lot of time in their search for beats.   
In a recent search for “Instrumental beats” on the popular search engine “Google,” the results returned were over 400,000 which is testament to how largely saturated the internet is in terms of musical beats and instrumentals. However, the results were not encouraging as majority of the beats were of low quality. Despite the prevalence of low-quality beats, some artists still get top quality beats and this brings about the question - “where do these artists find cool beats online?” 
This article will attempt to answer this question by pointing the sources of top-quality beats for artists who are in search for cool beats. The focus will be drawn from four sites and ranked in terms of the quality of beats they provide. 
1.    Beatstars.com: BeatStars have carved a niche for themselves when it comes to bridging the gap between artists and producers. It is a platform where easy collaboration is usually fostered between artists and producers with an aim to monetize their content. The product and services offered on the platform for producers are super cool. BeatStars is known to provide solutions to the problems faced by artists while searching for cool beats online and the site is loaded with cool features to ease such burden. BeatStars also allows search for beats according to the genre, mood, chorus, subgenre and tempo. Another feature that makes BeatStars cool is the exclusive transfer of rights which allows one to outrightly purchase ownership of a beat from a producer’s profile instantly. 

2.    Google: The best way to search for beats on google.com is to include the genre you are interested in as a keyword for example, ‘Hip-hop instrumental beats.’ This will reduce the chances of getting links to sites whose beats are not relevant to what you desire. 

3.    Soundclick: Soundclick is regarded by many to be both a social networking site for musicians and, a legal and trusted place to download soundtracks. It is also an avenue to connect musicians to their fans. Soundclick would have been my number one recommendation for cool beats online but the quality of production has significantly dropped on the site. In the past, every new music producer used to find soundclick as an avenue to showcase their production skills. Soundclick has a lot of instrumental beats but many lack quality. To find beats of good quality on Soundclick, check the Beats/instrumental chart for the beats ranked top 50 beats. That aside, on Soundclick, there are lot of quality beats to check out. Looking for rap/hip-hop beats, then soundclick is highly recommended. 

4.    20dollarbeats.com: You can get beat at different audio formats on 20dollarbeats. The most interesting offer for clients that is not available on other sites is the ability to buy stem beats from them at just $99 per song. This stem gives the audio engineer the ability to adjust the volume level of each instrument, and cut or boost specific frequencies that may clash with the recorded vocals. 20dollarbeats also offers free beats for testing monthly. When you join 20dollarbeats mailing list, you get a free beat monthly. Beats on their homepage are arranged in genre as this allows one to be specific while searching for beats on 20dollarbeats even alongside search for beats using keyword or beat.

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