Today's Most Popular R&B Artists

R&B is one of today’s oldest genres. It also seems like one of today’s most overlooked and under -appreciated genres. It seems hip-hop/ rap has taken over the charts (and the world) in a big way. Artists like Drake, Future, and Post Malone have somehow stole some of the thunder from the R&B genre as a whole. But that’s not to say R&B is dead. There are still some super hot R&B artists holding it down for the R&B culture. 

Artists like Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Miguel, and Khalid are standing their ground and definitely keeping R&B alive and well. Besides being super talented, creative and cutting edge in their field, I believe they are being very wise and strategic as well. It seems that many of today’s popular artists are taking back from rap/ hi-hop what it once took from them. Many of the songs on today’s R&B charts contain features from today’s hottest rap stars. You see artists like Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and Cardi B high on the R&B charts featured with the top R&B artists. In this way they are able to keep that audience that many other R&B artists lost to rap and hip-hop. 

Many of today’s independent and unsigned artists are wising up in the same way, when searching for pop beats or R&B beats for sale. They realize how artists like Drake are winning on both the R&B and rap charts and search for Drake type beats when looking for instrumentals for sale online. Why should all of the signed artists be the only ones making the wise moves? Producers like RJ Full Range of look to provide artists like this with the tools they need to compete in this genre by creating beats that work in the same way these popular artists use their beats/ instrumentals, making them easy to sing and/ or rap to. 

I believe R&B is here to stay but who knows how it will change and evolve. It seems the artists that will survive and even thrive are the ones that know how to see the change and/ or be the change.

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