The Beatmaker's Youtube Struggle

I've been working for years now on my Youtube channel. I've been trying various methods of gaining subscribers and increasing views. I've used (and still use) Tube Buddy, Vid IQ and others. I've watched Youtube vids on it, I've bought other software, paid for strategies, cheat codes, etc. I've taken in enough info to almost teach others, except that I'm nowhere close to being where I want to be, as far as views or subscribers. Many of the methods are different though, when you're selling instrumental beats, and trying to get views on a video for a certain type beat, as opposed to a “how-to” video or a gamer video, or selling product other than trap beats, r&b instrumentals etc. Selling beats through Youtube seems to have it's very own lane aside from many other lanes and worlds. People selling beats (producers/ beat makers) usually use the “type beat” method when titling and tagging their vids. This method is very saturated so you have to be very wise and calculating when choosing your titles and tags. Ranking for a Drake type beat is next to impossible if you don't have 100's of thousands of subscribers. I can rant on and on about the struggles and challenges of ranking your videos to get views to then sell your beats via a link under the video, usually rerouting you to either Airbit (formerly MyFlashstore) or Beatstars. The most solid advice I got throughout my studies is upload regulary, as often as possible. Also, the usage of titles, tags, and descriptions have been big. I've been working on my consistency above all else lately and you can definitely see the results. Patience has played a big part in this journey. I've heard that after you get over 1000 things begin to grow more rapidly. I'm currently approaching 700 subscribers so it's encouraging but inside there's something screaming “hey, I have trap beats for sale and I need all you mf's to see these videos NOW!” On the outside... patience & persistence. The marathon continues... -to be continued...

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