Is Beatstars and Airbit Making Soundclick Obsolete?

Selling beats online is one of the most popular digital trends for over some years, and it is not going to slow down any moment. Soundclick was the first website that allowed the artists to buy and sell beats online and bring something unique to the market. Many more sites appeared, but Soundclick instrumentals monopolized the industry. 

However, with time it seems like Soundclick has lost its leading position, primarily due to the names like Beatstars and Airbit. Let’s discuss the situation in more detail. 

Soundclick Rankings 

Soundclick has been an excellent platform for providing beats enthusiasts with many great options. It was launched in 1997 and was widely used; it allowed users to have their own profile pages and sell their work to their customers. 

However, Soundclick that has been in the market for over two decades as one of the pioneer sites in the beat selling industry has ranked to number --------- by Alexa as of March 2020. The reason? Well, more interesting sites like Beatstars and Airbit came to the market, and they are becoming more popular among young pop and R&B artists. 

Why Are Airbit and Beatstars Becoming Popular Among Artists? 

There are many contributing factors to why people have chosen Airbit and Beatstars as their preferred sites for uploading music. For instance, Airbit does not get any commission on your sale, while there are many sites that do. 

Another highly important factor is that those sites where fresh and independent artists are most likely to be active, get the most attention. Airbit and Beatstars happen to be the sites that entertain a long queue of fresh artists who are looking for some unique music. 

What Are the Negative Sides of Soundclick? 

Soundclick does not give complete ownership to the artist for selling his or her content, as the sites mentioned above do. Now, more artists are looking for platforms that let the artists take the lead to flourish better in the industry. 

Moreover, there is a general complaint from the users that many producers on the site try to low ball their beats, and the website is too "picky" when it comes to selecting beats. This creates a significant limitation for young talent that is trying to get more audience for his or her music. 

Is It Right to Say That Soundclick Has Become Obsolete? 

A general opinion of users agrees on the fact that Soundclick has become outdated. However, calling it obsolete with the production of more user-friendly and interactive websites like Airbit and Beatstars is too early to say, especially when there is still a considerable amount of people uploading their content on Soundclick regardless of all the cons mentioned. 

Airbit and Beatstars are surely rocking the industry as the most popular websites for beat selling. However, as far as there is an audience present for Soundclick, the challenge is still there. So, we would not say that it is obsolete, but it can be if it does not revamp its offerings.