You Are Never Done Learning

I was recently on instagram and I came across one of my favorite producers, Timbaland. He had posted something about always learning. I don't know why it struck my so heavily, well, yes, actually I do. This is a guy with HUGE success in music, a pioneer in his field. He's rich, famous and successful. Now, here he is humbling himself and saying that he can still learn. 

I had been reading self help and growth books and books on success etc. and they often mention that you should always be seeking to learn more. We never know it all. 

Anyway, all that to say, it was encouraging and beneficial for me to see as a producer who has seen so much and learned a lot. I remember using reel to reel and multitrack machines... now everything is computer and software. I'm thankful that I've always been open to learning. It has opened me up to so many more possibilities as a professional and a goal chaser. It has enhanced my range as far as making beats and instrumentals for sale. I believe I am still not at my greatest and that I still have more to learn and more to offer my clients/ artists. I have so much more music inside of me and time will reveal what's to come!

At the time of this writing Timbaland is about to release a "masterclass" on producing and I just have to partake in this! There's so much more to learn!

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